Fall 2003

Fall 2003
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The Masks of God

What is God's calling for you? Concordia University Professor, Dr. Gene Veith, explores the Lutheran understanding of vocation.
tags: vocation

Yes, I'm a Preacher's Kid

Ever been the topic of a sermon illustration? Pastor Peter Hoft knows the joys and trials of growing up in a pastor's home.
tags: pastors kid

Romance Redeemed

Do sit-coms and romantic comedies shape the way we think about our own romance? A college student considers the price of Christian men and women buying into the definitions of love in a media-driven culture.
tags: love, romance

The Messenger is the Message: God's Great Angel Visits His People

Jesus is in the Old Testament, already showing how He will save His people.

Five Dumb Things Adults Think About Youth

Adults sometimes assume they know the needs of teens. But do they?
tags: adults, youth

The Teacher's Pet

Kathy's friendship with Molly is threatened when an innocent comment gets blown out of proportion.
tags: teachers pet

Movie Review - Luther

Opening around the country at the end of September, this powerful new movie tells the story of Luther, the Reformer.

Ex Cathedra

Boyfriends, spam-o-rama, and so much more!
tags: ex cathedra

PULSE: SEX-Ploitation

tags: pulse, sex

The Catechism: The Sign of the Cross

Photos and Highlights from IN HIS FACE, the Higher Things Conference in Arlington, Texas

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