Fall 2008

Fall 2008
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The Language of the Parables: Why Jesus?

It's hard to understand parables. Are they about you, or your neighbor, or Jesus, or Christians, or non-believers? How can you tell? Pastor Wolfmueller helps to sort out the confusion by pointing you back to your Savior.

Swimming in Faith

Swimming is hard work. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes not. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's hard. Daily prayer, personal devotion, and church attendance are hard work too. Sometimes they're not fun or easy either. So, why bother? Swimmer Kyle Verage talks discipline, grace, and faith.

Amen Sermon

You heard Pastor Esget preach at the Amen conference and wished you had a copy of his sermon to read again. Well, now you do! For a little light reading on your salvation and God's mercy, read on.
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The ABCs of Christian Living

Have you stopped to wonder why we sing the Alleluia when we do in church? Or what the point of the Offertory is? Pastor Roemke lays out the Divine Service in a few easy steps so that you can understand exactly what's going on on Sunday morning.

Is This Mission Work?

Every summer your friends go on missions trips, and they always sound so exciting. They're building houses and doing puppet shows, and you're sitting at home doing nothing. Or are you? Pastor May fills you in on the true meaning of mission work and why it may be something different than what you think.

A Tale of Two Fish

You see them all the time on the back of cars: a fish with a pair of legs or a fish that says "Darwin" swallowing the Christian fish. But do you know where those symbols come form and what they mean? If you don't, Pastor Jastram has the explanation, and it just might come in handy next time you see one of those cars in the mall parking lot

How to Defend the Real Presence and have Fun Doing It

Many fellow Christians don't understand why we believe that in the Lord's Supper Jesus give us His Body and Blood in, with, and under the bread and wine. We can almost guarantee that you'll be challenged on this doctrine, so read Pastor Pauls' article for a w few of the common criticisms as well as suggestions on how to respond.

Christ on Campus: Of Testimonies, Healings, and a Holy Spirit Carwash

All Lutherans have been there. One minute we're talking about salvation, and the next minutes someone's wondering when we asked Jesus into our hearts. We fumble around and finally mutter, "Um, when I was baptized?" If you've been in that spot and don't want to be again, Pastor Woelmer sheds some light on the situation.

A Boring Sermon and a Boring Listener

Most of us like our pastor. We know his preaching style and understand his sense of humor. But Kathy's pastor is gone for the week, and a different pastor is filling in, a pastor she knows is old and dull. Just as she starts to wonder why she's even bothering to go, Mom Luder sets her straight ...and gets your priorities back in line too
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Learning by Heart

We've all complained about having to memorize the catechism or hymns or Bible passages. It seems pretty pointless. After all, if we need to know something we can grab the book and look it up. But Pastor Peterson wants you to know that when the Word of god is in your heart-- memorized and close at hand--it transforms you. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to be changed from a whiny teenager to a comforted believer?

Sola 2009 Conference Information

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