Fall 2011

Fall 2011
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I'm Adopted

Nowadays adoption is often in the spotlight because one celebrity or another has decided to adopt a child. Well, it's always been big news for God! Rev. Fritsche gives you a window into his own rewarding experiences with adoption and shows how precious your adoption in Christ truly is.

Sheep Don't Keep Track

Sheep are not known for being the smartest animals in the world, but they have a special place in God's Word. Our Shepherd, Jesus, who cares for us, uses them many times in His parables and illustrations. Rev. Wilken expounds on one such instance, and in doing so, will make you revel in your sheephood.

The Gifts of God's Dos and Don'ts

Someone just gave you a lovely, beautifully wrapped gift. You tear open the paper with enthusiasm and look at it, stunned...it's God's Law? How can it be that very thing that St. Paul calls a ministry of death, is a gift from God? Learn why this is a reality as you read this article crafted in true Rev. Borghardt fashion.

Genetic Engineering: Blessing or Curse?

"Hi, I'd like one baby boy with blue eyes, blond hair, and athletic ability on the side." Going through the drive-through to order your baby? That may seem far-fetched, but as Christians, we need to tread lightly when it comes to the topic of genetic engineering. Dr. Lamb carefully navigates through the final part in his series and grapples with the questions: HOw far is too far when it comes to genetic engineering?

The Morning Rush

Whether it's Starbucks or a 3-mile jog, a protein shake or Good Morning America, nearly everyone has something in their morning routine that they find it very hard to manage without. Christina presents a Christ-centered, compelling case for making time with God an essential start to your day.

Twelve: A Higher Things Conference in 2012

Christ on Campus: Have you Apologized Lately? The Law and Gospel of Christian Apologetics

Whether you're in college or not, at some point your faith in Christ will be challenged. Scripture calls us to be able to give a reason for the home that we have, so where do we start? Rev. Pacey gets the ball rolling for you as he provides some basics.

Put Me in, Coach! I'm Ready to Live the Christian Life

For nearly as long as there has been American football, there have been CHristians attempting to use it as a picture of the Christian life. Rev. Hoover has a unique twist on this analogy and shows us that perhaps it has a place after all, which gives us a real reason to celebrate!

Green Without the Black

As Christians, where do we find that middle ground between apathy toward the environment and screaming obscenities at folks who wear fur, neither of which are acceptable? Rev. Kornacki lays out an approach to being the wise stewards God calls us to be and to care for this groaning creation that awaits the glorious coming of Jesus Christ!

Being a Perfect Lutheran

Overachiever. Task-oriented. Hard on yourself. Do these sound familiar? If you find yourself constantly trying to see if you measure up, then Scott's words will gently remind you where your value lies and how that can bring you peace.

Catechism: Thy Will be Done

These words in the Lord's Prayer are not some sort of complacent surrender...they are a battle cry, but also a source of great comfort. Rev. Cwirla sweeps away some of our misconceptions about these four words we often tack onto the end of our prayers.