Fall 2013

Fall 2013
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Rock Star Pastors?

Describe your pastor in one or two words…Go! Geek. Rock Star. Grumpy. How about…shepherd? In fact, a shepherd is the perfect description of your pastor, as Rev. Borghardt explains. And even though your pastor may have either geeky or rock star qualities, what makes him someone you should want to be around is that He is Christ’s representative for you, here to faithfully remind you of the sweetness of the Gospel through Word and Sacrament.

Coming Down from the Mountaintop

From the highest peaks to the lowest valleys, life can be a harrowing journey, but very often, it is simply middle-ofthe- road ordinary. And it’s at those times when the really important things—Baptism, Absolution, the Lord’s Supper, ground us and grant us strength for the next mountain or valley.

Higher Things from a Youth's Perspective

Thinking about attending a Higher Things conference? Find out what it’s like for your average, everyday teen. Jared makes a pitch that just might persuade you to attend Crucified 2014 next summer!

From Above Retrospective!

Enjoy four pages of fun-filled photos and enthusiastic quotes from our three From Above conferences.

Christ on Campus Higher Things Through the Eyes of a CCV

Upon completing her first adventure as a College Conference Volunteer, Alayna was compelled to share her experience in the hopes of encouraging others to do likewise.

Youth Ministry Are You Ready for a Miracle?

This is the inaugural article of our new regular feature dedicated to helping and encouraging youth leaders. Sandra makes the case that Lutheran youth crave the richness and depth that the traditional liturgy offers, as opposed to the latest, greatest cultural offerings.

Scars Forever

Everyone has a scar somewhere. All you have to do is look at it or touch it and it will bring back all of the memories associated with getting it. Sometimes the worst scars are the ones that God uses to restore us. Rev. Schmidt reminds us that there is no better example of that than the scars of Jesus: His hands, feet and side—all of which will forever remind us of how precious we are to Him.

Catechism The Table of Duties: Husbands and Wives

Rev. Cwirla expands on the occasionally used analogy of a dance to explain the role of husbands and wives in light of the Table of Duties, making it crystal clear how this union is a reflects that of Christ and His bride, the Church, and how that plays out in everyday lives.