Spring 2003

Spring 2003
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Silent No More

Terri shares the story of her abortion at age 16, but her story doesn't end in guilt and condemnation. We, like Terri, rest in the forgiveness and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Cloning: A Body Double or Double Trouble?

How can Christians approach the controversial subject of cloning intelligently and with compassion? Dennis DiMauro, a Lutherans for Life regional executive, sheds light on this difficult issue.
tags: cloning

The Shattered Chalice: Arthur and Christ in Howard Pyle

Christians are people of the Book -- God's inerrant Word. But when you're not reading the Good Book, where do you turn for a good read?


Adriane's friend suffered from bulimia. How does Christ unravel the twisted messes we make of our lives?
tags: bulimia, fat

Girl Power

At a school dance, the music is slow, the couples are close, and Kathy has to decide how close is too close for her and Steve.
tags: dance, dancing

What if the Bible were Pro-Choice?

What if God's Word didn't include the fifth commandment? These poems provide a thoughtful look into how the Scriptures would be different if the Bible was "pro-choice".

When U2 and Amy Grant Rocked My World

Should Christians listen to only Christian music or can we enjoy secular music too? How can teens be discerning in our increasingly secular age?

Ex Cathedra

Need some counsel on life, love and faith? Check out this new column, which promises to answer all your questions.
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PULSE: Music Videos

The Catechism: Called by Name

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