Spring 2013

Spring 2013
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A Little Bit of Latin Goes a Long Way

Let a little Latin fly and your friends will think you are an intellectual heavyweight. Well, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll be familiar with two Latin phrases that help you focus on what’s important in salvation. And the good thing is that the focus is not on you!

One Hundred Percent Free-One Hundred Percent Servant

One of our Lutheran distinctives is the desire to work out that delicate balance we call Christian liberty. This is just what Rev. Borghardt successfully communicates in his capable handling of the some of the principles from Martin Luther’s work, On Christian Liberty.

Marching for Life with the LCMS

The recent commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision brought about a great deal of controversy but it also invigorated those who stand for the unborn. Megan’s account gives you a small window into her life-changing experience at the LCMS Life Conference.

The Occult: Hollywood or Holy War?

There’s something about the supernatural that seems so magnetically intriguing. Hollywood is clearly enamored with the subject. There are a host of TV series that supposedly profile people’s encounters with ghosts, demons, or other supernatural beings and plenty of movies that glorify these things in some way. Rev. Tiews shines the light of the Scriptures on this often distorted reality.

True Confession

History doesn’t have to be a bunch of dry events laid out in chronological order with a lot of dates your teacher wants you to memorize that you’ll never use. And the same goes with our Lutheran heritage. See for yourself as Dr. Phillips provides a quick but thorough summary of the pivotal events surrounding the formation of our foundational document of the faith—the Augsburg Confession.

Poetry Page

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Christ on Campus: Father May I?

While various forms of social media have been a positive development in many ways, they are certainly not without pitfalls. One of those traps is called the comparison game. Facebook, for example, can easily become something that magnifies our covetousness or feelings of discontent. Heidi reminds us that who we are in Christ always trumps struggles like these.

The Church Musician in You

It’s perfectly acceptable to admit to singing in the shower… we all know the acoustics are the best in there! But whether or not you think you actually have some sort of musical ability, Bethany will persuade you that making a joyful noise unto the Lord is something we can all foster to the glory of God and the benefit of our neighbor.

Trail Mix

Nothing satisfies the appetite during a challenging hike like a handful of trail mix. In the same way, nothing fills our spiritual hunger on the road of life like the Word of God. And, as Jenny articulates, trail mix is the best when all of its ingredients blend together with each bite, much the same way the Scriptures are.

The Table of Duties: Pastors and People

You’re a sheep...it’s one of your vocations in the context of the Church. Your pastor is your shepherd and that is one of his vocations. How does this play out in the Table of Duties? Rev. Cwirla artfully unpacks yet another part of the Small Catechism.