Spring 2016

Spring 2016
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The Bridegroom and His Bride

Rev. Borghardt poignantly illustrates how marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the church and how, on the Last Day, we will finally see ourselves as He does now: pure, blameless and forgiven.

Judgment Day: You're Ready

Are you prepared for Judgment Day? That's the wrong question to ask, according to Rev. Fenker. Find out why Judgment Day is nothing we need to fear.

If You Love the End Times So Much Why Don't You Marry It?

Rev. Mize zeroes in on the blessed gifts of the Sacraments and the Liturgy that sustain us until the end of all things...until we, the church, the Bride of Christ, set our eyes on Jesus, our Bridegroom.

The End Times: Still All About Jesus

What does the Bible really have to say about the end times and what are the keys that help us unlock that knowledge? No, it doesn't require a decoder ring or some other gadget...just some basic principles, as Katie explains.

Millennialitis and Its Rapture Fever

No need to look at WebMD to see if you suffer from this disease. Just read through Rev. Kuhlman's article and get the facts and the cure.

The Narnia Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse

Rev. Schuldheisz takes us through a magical tour of The Last Battle, bringing courage and comfort for the End Times along the way.

Jesus: The Grave's Sheol

Rev. Riley shines the bright light of Christ onto that rather dark and mysterious word we see in the Scriptures: Sheol.

Teach Us to Number Our Days

What happens when we die? How are we supposed to truly live when we know the Grim Reaper stands ready to pounce? Rev. Fritsche reminds us that in Christ, we live in the light of our new life in Him.

New Heavens. New Earth.

Eternal life isn't a floaty existence in a bland whiteness. Instead, Rev. Buetow declares, we'll be face to face with a flesh and blood Savior, including scars, and live in a paradise that we can tangibly experience and enjoy forever.

The Fifth Commandment: The Gift of Life

As Rev. Cwirla explains, what makes this commandment so compelling is that it is undergirded by a love for life and a need to preserve it in every sense because that is what Jesus has done for us.