Summer 2001

Summer 2001
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Dare to be Lutheran

Forward from the editor-in-chief.

Clouds and Gutters

What do we mean when we say "Higher Things"? Learn about how Christ comes down and raises us up to Him.

Dying to Live

A poem to the youth of the church. Word pictures from the Dying to Live Youth Conference, Laramie, WY, July 2001.

Soul Searching

Have you ever had your faith shaken to its very core? Julie Stiegemeyer has. Read how this former Methodist Christian found Lutheranism and the clearly proclaimed message of Christ crucified.
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Going to Hell at the Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland is called the happiest place on earth because inside its gates reality is masqueraded to portray fantasy and even a trip to hell. But for Lutheran Christians, reality is found inside the church. The reality of font, pulpit and altar. The reality of the words, "given and shed for you." Inside the doors of the church we find THE ANSWER that is just as real and true inside as it is outside.
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You probably memorized the Catechism, but can't quite recite it anymore. Pick it up again. Look at it anew. It is not simply a book of instruction, it also is a book of prayer and faith.
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