Summer 2015

Summer 2015
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Confirmation: All of Jesus' Gifts and Then Some!

Not merely a rite, not just a formality, Confirmation is a process through which you learn about all of the gifts Christ won for you on the cross and how He delivers them to you in abundance! Read up on it, Rev. Borghardt style!

Your Post-Confirmation Life

Yes, there is life after Confirmation. After all, that's the whole purpose of equip you for your life as a child of God! Rev. Buetow will show you how invaluable what you learn, memorize and study is for your spiritual wellbeing.

Scuba Diving for Sin

You don't need a license to scuba dive down into the depths of your own or someone else's shipwrecked collection of sins. The reality is we have a natural inclination to do so. The good news, as Chad declares, is that the love of Jesus is deeper than you can even imagine and you don't have to plumb the dark depths of sin any longer.

Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Part 4 The Dangerous Defiance of William Dembski: Why Design Reveals Intelligence

In Romans 1, St. Paul tells us that man is without excuse if he rejects God, because all of nature reveals His handiwork. In light of this truth, Rev. Pierson methodically explains how William Dembski, through the Intelligent Design argument, provides another very helpful tool for your apologetics arsenal.

Receiving the Gospel Like a Dog

Man's best friend may be able to teach YOU a trick or two you never thought about...the Gospel! Anna shares her own observations with her beloved dogs and ties it into the reminder that we can confidently live each day, receiving Christ's gifts with joyful trust...

Youth Ministry: Developing Your Youth Group

Back to the basics...and the right tool for the right job. These two cliches actually are the key to getting your youth group started or strengthening the one you have. Youth directors especially will find Bob's wisdom very encouraging no matter what stage your youth program is at.

Weekly Communion: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Just like manna was something the Israelites came to take for granted and forget how vital it was for physical survival, we, too, can easily forget the blessing that the Lord's Supper is to our souls which are desperate for nourishment that God promises to give. Taylor emphatically lays out the case for weekly communion.

Catechism: The Second Commandment

What does it really mean to misuse the name of the Lord our God? Rev. Cwirla lays out not only what it means to break the Second Commandment, but also what makes God's Name such a precious gift revealed to us in and through Jesus Christ.