Summer 2016

Summer 2016
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Moving On: A Letter From Father to Son

Read this from-the-heart letter from Rev. Borghardt to his own son that reveals the love, hope and prayers that parents invest into their children and why you can draw strength from that.

Stop This Ride! Handling the Relentless Changes of Life as a Baptized Child of God

Feel like popping a few Dramamine pills as you ride this roller coaster of change that we call life? Rev. Buetow emphatically reminds us that Jesus Christ does NOT change so we can rely upon Him because He has redeemed us and strengthens us amidst the craziness through His gifts of water, Word and Supper.

You Are Not of This World

Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned. Sometimes that's the best news in the world. Rev. Brown writes convincingly that this is indeed the reality through Christ.

Unplanned Parenthood and the Abundance of God's Grace

Karina's life turned upside down when she found out she was pregnant. Read how faithfully and tenderly her Father, through Jesus Christ, has cared for her and blessed her. He will be there for you, too!

The Logical Lynchpin of Michael Licona

It's not news that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to our faith, but Rev. Pierson skillfully illustrates why Michael Licona is another apologist you should get to know when it comes to apologetics: the defense of our faith.

Farewell to Rev. Mark Buetow

HT staffers take a little time to show their affection for Rev. Buetow, who is stepping down from his official duties with HT as of August 1.

Let's Take Jesus at His Word

"This is my body." or "This is my blood." These are Jesus' words and they seem pretty straightforward, so that should be the end of the matter, right? Unfortunately, the doctrine of the Lord's Supper has been the subject of great debate since the Reformation. Rev. Snyder zeroes in on these words of Christ and explains why we, along with Luther, can just take Jesus at His word.

Hymns are for Proclamation

Hymns aren't just lip service--they are instruments for declaring the blessed truth of the Gospel! Let Rev. Mize instruct you how to savor each phrase that you encounter.

The Ultimate Narrative

We've often heard it said that life is like a story. Alex creatively connects the idea of a story or narrative with our lives as followers of Christ.

The Gift of One Flesh

Infidelity is just the fruit of breaking this commandment, explains Rev. Cwirla, as he lays out what is at stake when we despise the gift of one flesh.