Winter 2001

Winter 2001
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Service to God in the Military

Is the killing and destruction that war brings be justified? Better yet. Can a Christian serve in the military and still be a Christian? Yes. They are acting as God's servant to defend their country and its citizens against violence and injustice in order to preserve peace.
tags: military, soldier, war

Notes on Islam

The Rev. Frederic W. Baue provides a glimpse into the world of Islam and its ever-growing affect on Christianity.
tags: islam, muslims

Diary of a Chaplain

Take a glimpse into the diary of the Rev. Dean Kavouras and see how the love of Christ helped heal and support people in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Contending for the Faith

God's grace is under attack. Learn how to defend it. It's worth fighting for.

Wizards, Witches and Hogwarts

Good question. Find out what the Rev.Todd Peperkorn has to say about these popular books and their role in the Christian life.

There's a Snake Around My Neck

As Christians,we all deal with the snake called "sin". Luckily for us,we know the snake's power was crushed when Christ died for us on the cross.
tags: sin, snake

The Power of Prayer

Falsely imprisoned in China for espionage, Dr. Gao Xue describes how Christ and the power of prayer sustained her during this horrific experience.
tags: china, prayer

Survivor of War

Every war has its heroes. Read how one Lutheran pastor miraculously survived the ongoing war of abortion by being born.
tags: abortion

Hope in Christ in a World of Problems

Find out how a Lutheran pastor, equipped with the Word of God, is making a real difference in the lives of the young people of Sudan.
tags: mission, sudan

Deliver Us from Evil

Evil surrounds each of us daily. Take heart in knowing that Christ has and will Deliver Us From Evil.

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