Winter 2005

Winter 2005
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Catechism: Lead Us to Resist Temptation

We continually struggle with temptation, just as our Master, Jesus,was also tempted. And yet we hold fast to the hope we have in Christ when all earthly sufferings, including temptation, will finally be removed.

Dare To Be Lutheran: Sin, Certainty, and the Gospel:
Why Iím Not Eastern Orthodox

In this semi-regular column, Higher Things seeks to understand our distinctiveness as Lutherans. In this issue, Pastor Alms lends his thoughts about the Eastern Orthodox Church and our Gospel-rich Lutheran heritage.

Pulse: I Kissed Legalism Goodbye

In this Pulse column that reviews several books on ďChristian dating,ĒMs.Dorr reflects on boyfriends, girlfriends, hand checks, and Christís everlasting grace.

MINING THE RICHES: A Promise of the Lord

In Mark 4, Jesus calms the sea and quiets the waves. Pastor Mosemann reflects on this text, on our resistance to trust in God, and on the Gospel promises of our Savior.

Blog War on the Wrath of God

Was Hurricane Katrina an example of God unleashing His wrath? Read about Dr.Veithís blog wars and Godís wrath, grace, and our hope in Christ.

Kathy and the Wonderful, Beautiful, Happy, Very Good Day

Kathyís day starts out crummy and goes downhill from there. At the end of the day, Kathy flops on the couch, and her perspective suddenly changes.
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Lutherans in Sudan

Hipi is the daughter of Rev. Andrew Elisa, the president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Sudan. She lends some thoughts about Godís unceasing blessings in the persecuted and war-torn country of Sudan.
tags: sudan

Christmas: On the Earth

The Christmas narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are favorites of many. Pastor Borghardt explores one aspect of the storyó the angelsí role in our Lordís Christmas coming.
tags: angel, christmas

Tea and Philosophy

The TGB Society serves up tea, good conversation, and thoughtful discussion. See what this college group is all about.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization over fifty years old, has groups at more than thirteen hundred college campuses. Is this parachurch group helpful to Lutheran college students or not?

Dear Pastor... Questions and Answers about Depression

Dear Pastor, I need some advice. Iím feeling so depressed. Can you help? Is there something wrong with my faith? Pastor Krueger helps to clear up the confusion.
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The Devilís Opera

Are praise services the cure for depression? Can praise music take away your despair? Read this intriguing article to explore the heartache of bipolar disorder and the truth of the Gospel.

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