Winter 2009

Winter 2009
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Me and JSB

A long time ago in a land far, far away, before Lady Gaga and Kanye West, people listened to music by Johann Sebastian Bach. And, as it turns out, Bach’s music is still loved by Lutherans today. Mrs. Schuermann is dropping the beat with Bach, and you just might want to also.

Your Pastor Is a Nerd

It’s true. You know it is. Your pastor is a nerd. He’s always saying things that are goofy, acting silly, dressing funny, and, well, just plain reveling in his extreme nerdery. How’s a kid supposed to deal with that? Speaking as a nerdy pastor who knows, Pastor Fiene is going on the record about the dark side of pastoral nerdery.
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How to Date Like a Normal Person

If you’re a Lutheran teenager with a pulse, you’ve probably realized that there are members of the opposite sex in this world . . . and that they’re fun and even sometimes cute. So, what’s next? Do your parents pick your spouse? Do you have six boyfriends at once? What a teen to do? Mrs. Jeni Miller went on a date or two in her life before meeting her husband, and she’s ready to give some advice.

Are Christians a tribe or Are We a Nation?

Being in the body of Christ can sometimes be hard to define. Are we part of a special group of people cut out of the exact same theological cloth? Or are we a nation, a big group of random people all united under the banner of Christendom? Pastor Hageman has an answer, and you might be surprised at his conclusion.

Face to Face

Roman Catholics pray to Mary. The Reformed practically refuse to acknowledge her. And Lutherans are right in between. Mr. Lee takes us back to Luther who sliced and diced his way through the arguments of how exactly we should view Mary. Saint? Sinner? Yes.
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It's a Problem

Why are we here? You’ve probably had a science teacher or two who said that (a) the world was most certainly not created in a week and (b) evolutionary theory is the only logical explanation for the world’s existence. Mr. Pawlitz recommends something a little different, that we view creation in light of its Creator, and it makes all the difference!

Afraid of the Dark

What is it about the dark that makes it so creepy? Let’s face it: it’s a little unsettling. But what’s even scarier is the thought of life apart from Christ. Mr. Stuckwisch explains why there’s no need to be afraid of the dark when the Light of the World is there to guide you.

Grace Alone

Zombie. Noun. Walking dead. A person that resembles someone who is emotionless and painless.Me. You. Wait. What? Who just called you a zombie? We did. That’s right. Without Christ, you are dead in your sins. But, Pastor Peperkorn is quick to note, God has given you grace through Jesus’ death on the cross. No more dead man walking for you!

When a Loved One Dies

College is already a difficult time. But, for some students, it's compounded by the loss of a friend, parent, or sibling. If you or someone you know has experienced this kind of great loss, Mrs. Mons' article will give you and them comfort and hope in Christ.

The Good Calling

As young men, you’re under a lot of pressure to choose a college, a career, a first job. But hold up one second. As Lutherans, we are not do-ers. We are receivers. Pastor Curtis wants you to know that God, in His good time, chooses these things for us. And, believe it or not, He may just give you the blessing of marriage and a family! See? That choice wasn’t so hard after all.

Can't Fool Me

Raise your hand if you think women are no different than men. What? No takers? You’re right. And so is Mrs. Curtis who’s about to tell you what makes women unique and why their vocation in life is so different from that of men.

I Am a Sinner

We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that we’re sinners, and because of that, we never love God with our whole heart. The good news? We are forgiven sinners who live by and through grace, and Rev. Petersen fills you in on why.