Winter 2014

Winter 2014
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A-Caroling We Go

Don't worry about donning your beanies or slipping on your mittens to go a-caroling. All you need to do is embark on a frolicking read through Rev. Borghardt's joyous reminders of Jesus during this Christmas season.

David's House

"The new is in the old concealed; the old is in the new revealed," is an ancient maxim about the Old and New Testaments attributed to church father, Augustine. Rev. Buetow highlights this insightful saying by illustrating the amazing connection between David, King of Israel and Jesus.

Church Universal, Church Triumphant... Church Relevant?

Universal, triumphant, invisible. These are just a few of the historically grounded adjectives that describe God's church. Now "relevant" seems to be the latest trending descriptive, but what's wrong with a church trying to be relevant? Kelly examines why this is a dangerous path for the church to take.

Seven Steps to Staying Sane During the Holidays

You don't have to chronically suffer from depression in order for the holidays to drag you down. Regardless, sometimes the blues can catch you by surprise. With a blend of humor and empathy, Rev. Peperkorn lists out some ways to keep your balance during the holiday craziness.

The Satisfying Assessment of James Sire: Why Worldviews Matter Seven Apologists Every Christian Should Know, Pt. 3

In this third part of his apologetics series, Rev. Pierson profiles Christian author James Sire, who has a knack for understanding worldviews and teaching others to decode them.You'll soon discover why Sire is a vital part of your apologetics repertoire.

The Walking Dead

Zombies...they're everywhere...but that's only in cable TV series and at the nearest Comic Con, right? Well, think again. The reality is we are all dead people who think we're alive, and the only solution to the apocalyptic madness, as Rev. Haberstock explains, is Christ alone.

Considering the Vocation of Military Service

Have you decided yet what direction you might want to go for your career? Luther believed the vocation of soldier is a noble and honorable profession for a Christian. As Kay looks at Luther's perspective, she brings to bear her own experience as the mother of two servicemen.

Let It Go: Your Identity in Christ Trumps Your GPA

There's a lot of pressure in academic circles to make the grade, to stand out, to be exceptional. It can become far too easy to let your GPA become your primary focus. Ramona examines the fine line between pursuing excellence and succumbing to idolatry and reminds us that ultimately it's Jesus and Him crucified in which we have our identity.

The Return of the King

Professional sports appeals to many of us because in a way it satisfies our need to rally behind a hero. NBA basketball is no different. Joshua shows that as exciting as LeBron James can be to follow, he will always fall short when compared to the person and work of the true King, Jesus Christ.

Catechism: Intro to the Small Catechism

Now is the perfect time to pull your Small Catechism from the shelf, blow off the dust, and rediscover its value. Before Rev. Cwirla delves into even more Catechism goodness, he lays out its origin and development and why it is the essential tool for nurturing our faith.