About the Host of HT Radio

...and all those who help make HT-Radio happen.

The Rev. George F. Borghardt III is Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in McHenry, IL. He also serves as the President of Higher Things.

He graduated Louisiana State University with a degree in Classics and took five years to do it so that he could graduate from the Concordia Seminary with Pastor Buetow the Higher Things Media Executive. He hates clowns, but he loves the Mets (Nobody knows why...). Pr. Borghardt is rumored to never sleep and to be powered by Diet Coke. He has taught and preached at many Higher Things retreats and conferences as well as at other events around Texas and the United States. Pastor Borghardt and Amy, his wife, have three children: George, Thomas, and Sophia and one dog named Mikey (after the Arch-Angel).