Video References

Speakers at conference plenaries and breakaways often utilize video clips to illustrate their points. These clips can be generally useful in teaching. To this end, we are providing this catalog of readily available videos. We cannot vouch for the integrity of the links nor are we are responsible for any copyright issues that may arise with their use. This list is intended solely as a resource.


Dr. Quantum Visits Flatland

While this video was produced to interest young people in science and mathematics, it also serves as an illustration of how a three dimensional being might reveal himself to a two dimensional universe. It can be used as springboard for discussion of how God, who is transcendent and infinite, reveals Himself to His creation bound by space and time by becoming one of us. It also illustrates how we in the resurrection will see things in a way that we cannot now see them.

The Banned Mormon Cartoon

This cartoon, banned by the Mormon Church, is a depiction of Mormon teaching regarding Jesus, Lucifer, and Elohim. While many Mormons will deny that this is what they believe, it is an accurate portrayal of Mormon teaching from their own source documents. A longer version is available here.

Penn Jillette gets a gift of a Bible

Magician Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller, relates an event in which a Christian hands him a Bible. While Jillette is an outspoken atheist, he is clearly moved by the humility and integrity of this man and wonders out loud how much one has to hate humanity not to tell them about salvation if one actually believes such a thing exists. This is a good discussion starter for evangelism.

“A Man Fell into a Hole”

A modern parable illustrating the difference between Christianity and other religions in terms of Godʼs coming down to save us. The Lutheran teacher will be quick to point out that the “man in the hole” is actually dead, according to the Scriptures, and canʼt ask Christ to save him as the video depicts. This makes the video even more useful in highlighting the key difference between Lutheran and Evangelical soteriology. The original comes from Bluefish TV, so check on copyright issues before using it. It is available for purchase at from


“Hurt - Johnny Cash”

Originally recorded by Nine Inch Nails, this powerful video is set against Johnny Cashʼs career, his “empire of dirt,” and speaks of the emptiness of his life as he faces his own death. Christ appears about two-thirds into the video as the one who bears Cashʼs sins on the cross and redeems him from the emptiness of his life.

“Is Forgiveness Possible? - ER”

A dying man is visited by a hospital chaplain who offers introspective questions rather than a clear word of forgiveness. This clip is a powerful depiction of the work of the Law on a dying man wracked by guilt and the need for a clear word of Gospel.